Employer Testimonials

“We have been working with CTI in the past 4 years. Our company has always been highly satisfied with the qualities of CTI students who have well-grounded professional background mainly in the area of finance and accounting, good analytical skills, business focus and well-defined career aspirations. They are a valuable asset to KPMG.”

Reesan Emrith
Reesan EmrithPartner, KPMG

“Valerie has been a great recruitment for Ceridian. She is very spontaneous and has built some strong relationships with her peers in Ceridian. She is a hardworking and diligent person and it is an absolute pleasure having her in Ceridian.

She has adhered to our company values quite quickly and lives those values through her work and her friendships.

Valerie is a success story for all current CTI graduates and hope to see her one day come back to CTI and promote Ceridian as a top career choice.”

Mujahid Khedoo
Mujahid Khedoo Talent Acquisition Officer, Ceridian Mauritius

“Accenture Services (Mauritius) Limited has been partnering with Charles Telfair Institute for several years now. We have participated in job fairs, Guest Lectures, mock interviews. We have recruited most of their graduates in IT from Curtin University of Technology. The qualities the graduates process are their ability to adapt to the working world immediately, presentation skills and communication skills. We are very pleased with their performance and professionalim at work.”

Avishna Chooromoney
Avishna ChooromoneyField HR Lead for Operations, Accenture Mauritius

“We have over the years had the opportunity of working with CTI students and the experience was usually a positive one. CTI students are fast learners, who have good communication skills and demonstrate more maturity than students of other institutions. They know how to present themselves, are fast learners and deliver up to required standards.  Moreover, we also have employees who have followed the Diploma of Management. We noted a positive change in behaviour, better presentation skills and more assertiveness post completion of the Diploma of Management”.

Leena Boyjoo
Leena BoyjooHR Executive | Human Resources Dept. | Mauritius Union Group

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