Leadership Centre

Our Philosophy

Throughout the world, organisations have traditionally addressed their training and development needs in a somewhat piecemeal manner. However, there is now overwhelming empirical research which indicates that a more systematic and integrated approach to change is a cornerstone of many successful and sustainable companies.

In turn, this broad philosophy rests upon the following three fundamental principles:

  • To be successful, any change programme has to be tailor-made to suit the needs of the organisation and should involve the active participation of the client in its delivery
  • To be successful, such a change programme must focus not only on the immediate needs identified, but also ensure that the overall culture of the organisation is conducive to the continued reinforcement of the change envisaged
  • To be successful, such a programme must involve a combination of teaching methods, ranging from the traditional lecture to interactive case studies, role plays, video feedback, and so on. The overall purpose is for the client to develop into a Learning Organisation, one that would meet the challenges of a globalised environment


Open Programme (ideal for individuals)

Main Purpose

This programme is open to all corporates and prepares participants aspiring to be promoted to supervisory or managerial levels by providing them with a broad foundation in the management and leadership areas.


  • Our Open programme allows delegates the opportunity to interact with world-class faculty and thought leaders, while collaborating with peers from different companies and industries.
  • Our programme is highly inspirational and is designed to have a maximum impact with a strong emphasis on active learning, sharing of best practice and implementation of practical applications.
  • The use of technology and a blended learning approach is also a key part of the CTI experience to underpin and deepen the process learning.
  • This programme is MQA approved and is HRDC refundable

Programme Content

  • Discovering and Mastering Yourself
    Learn that Self-Awareness is the characteristic we should all possess – Discover your personality, aptitudes, interests, values, needs, motivations, goals – Become more aware of yourself – what you think, feel and sense from one moment to another – Improve your communication ability with others.
  • Essential Accounting & Finance
    Learn how to analyse an accounting transaction in a company into movements that affects assets, liabilities, revenue or expenses – Understand how profit is determined in a company – Create simple balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for a company – Learn how to assess the financial statement of a company using ratios – Learn tools that can be used to evaluate a project.
  • Effective Business Communication
    Learn to identify the fundamentals of communication and methods of communication – Write different business documents – Use non verbal communication – Identify the differences with communicating to individuals and groups.
  • Effective Interpersonal Communication
    Work on your strengths and areas for improvement when it comes to sound interpersonal and communication skills – Master the principles of all sound interpersonal and communication skills such as how to put your point of view across convincingly – prepare powerful presentations – confront your non performing subordinates – listen to others etc.
  • Essential Marketing
    Explore how marketing concepts are relevant to your organization – Identify and solve marketing problems – Determine the impact of market share and life cycle issues on product(s) – Develop, evaluate and set alternative pricing strategies – Learn skills in marketing planning.
  • Organisational Behaviour
    Understand the theories of organisational behaviour (OB) and understand behaviour of individuals and groups in the workplace – Understand the nature and impact of organisational processes which influence work and behaviour – Integrate the theory of organisational behaviour with management practice – Improve teamwork skills while working with others to address OB issues.
  • Essential Economics
    Examine how and why market forces come into play, how they interact and why intervention may be necessary in some areas – Explore the market environment of business and apply economic analysis to day-to-day business decisions such as production, pricing, and market entry. -Study the measures of performance for a country’s economy – Examine issues about fee trade and international investment and discuss implications for Mauritius.
  • Effective Customer Care
    Grasps fully the concepts of service and its challenges – Identify and understand the needs and expectations of customers – Understand the role of emotions and how they affect customer relations and our motivations – Understand the challenges difficult customers represent -Grasp the importance of assessing and monitoring customer satisfaction.
  • Leading Projects
    Understand the importance of Project Management – Put into practice the internationally recognised project management framework produced by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) -Explain and understand the importance of the 5 process groups and 9 knowledge areas defined in the project management framework -Apply project management skills and relevant tools and techniques in a project environment.
  • Essential HR and Performance Management
    Understand and comprehend the key elements of human resource management -Identify, analyse and discuss key HRM issues and their impact on the workplace -Recommend strategies to overcome management problems in the employment relationship -Learn how HR decisions affect the fairness and equity of employment relationships, the attitudes and behaviours of employees, and ultimately the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.
  • Leading and Building High Performance teams
    Understand the difference between Management and Leadership – Understand what it takes to become a successful leader or manager -Realise the importance of teams -Understand how teams are formed -Understand how teams operate successfully


Modules Subject Schedule – Lectures

(08h30 – 17h00)

Module 1 Discovering & Mastering yourself 5 and 6 April 2016
Module 2 Essential Accounting & Finance 5 and 6 May 2016
Module 3 Effective Customer Care 16 and 17 June 2016
Module 4 Essential Human resources & Performance Management 14 and 15 July 2016
Module 5 Essential Economics 18 and 19 August 2016
Module 6 Change Management 15 and 16 September 2016
Module 7 Effective Interpersonal Communication 20 and 21 October 2016
Module 8 Effective Business Communication 10 and 11 November 2016
Module 9 Essential Marketing 8 and 9 December 2016
Module 10 Leading Projects 19 and 20 January 2017
Module 11 Leading and Building High Performance Teams 10 and 18 February 2017

Customised programme (Drive Organisational Change)

Main Purpose

This programme is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. A tailored solution is developed from our wide-range of business and leadership modules based on your specific requirements. We must first spend time understanding the business challenges and culture of your company. We the work with you to select the relevant modules, learning materials, guest speakers and case studies that meet your training needs.


Major benefits of a customised programme include:

  • Finding solutions to specific problems with the company.
  • Developing a common language within the organisation.
  • Building cross-functional awareness within the company.
  • Our customised programme allows delegates the opportunity to interact with world-class faculty and thought leaders, while collaborating with peers from within their organisation.
  • Our programme is highly inspirational and is designed to have a maximum impact with a strong emphasis on active learning, sharing of best practice, and implementation of practical applications.
  • This programme is MQA approved and is HRDC refundable.

Programme Content: ‘Soft’ Programmes

  • Discovering and mastering yourself
  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Effective customer care
  • Effective business communication
  • Leading and building high performance
  • Change management
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Stress and communication in the workplace
  • Coaching and mentoring

Programme Content: ‘Hard’ Programmes

  • Managing in a technological environment
  • Managing in a legal context
  • Finance for non-financial managers
  • Strategic Management
  • HR and performance management
  • Project Management
  • Essential Marketing
  • Essential Economics
  • Effective business operations


“The internal progression and continuous development of our Management Team is a key lever of our strategy. And partnering with CTI for ACE, our Signature Management Development Program has been valuable to the Rogers group. We believe CTI brings a unique offering to Corporate Mauritius in terms of high quality programs, calibre of its facilitators, and flexibility to customize the content to our context, while adding a local Mauritian flavour”. 

Manish BundhunChief Human Resources Executive - Rogers

“We have partnered with CTI since 2008 for various leadership development programmes. They have exceeded our expectations in what they have delivered.

Eddy Jolicoeur Group Head of Human Resources - Mauritius Commercial Bank

Our groups gained a strong understanding of the managerial skills and the team spirit was strengthened. Great stuff! Strongly recommended.

Jacques Harel CEO - Blanche Birger

“My LCP experience was literally life-changing since it not only taught me leadership concepts through a series of real-time examples, case studies, role plays and team activities, but it also got me stuck on a particularly intriguing take-home lesson: true leadership starts with me… not with others.”

Deepa JauffretManager - Avipro Co Ltd

“The program was tailored for our specific managerial needs and was a good balance of practical & theory learning. The instructors were knowledgeable, used interactive teaching methods and connected well with us.”

Priscilla LeungProcurement & Shipping Manager - MCFI LTD (Harel Mallac)

“Charles Telfair is one of the best learning universities in the country and I highly recommend you to enroll for a course there if you wish to build up your knowledge in Management & Leadership.”

Bernard Oxenham Central Operations Supervisor - Mauritius Commercial Bank