Our academic partners

Our partners are leading institutions in the world. We select them on their ability to offer internationally recognised qualifications. Click on the links below to visit their websites.

Join more than 50,000 students from around the world and study at a global university ranked among the world’s best. Curtin University is Western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse university. Acknowledged globally for its commitment to cultural diversity and international engagement, Curtin ranked in the top 1 percent of universities worldwide in the 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities.  Visit website 

South Metropolitan TAFE has 13 industry training centres to provide quality training for our industry and community clients. The Centres are closely aligned to the needs of industry. They are focused on targeting their training and employment services for the wider community including for diverse, and in many instances, disadvantaged groups. Visit website 

North Metropolitan TAFE, Perth, Western Australia, provides quality vocational educational and training (VET) to around 20,000 students. North Metropolitan TAFE has been a major contributor to the academic development of the broader community, assisting people in becoming job-ready and prepared to meet the challenges of the workplace. It comprises 10 sites, servicing Perth’s central business district and the northern suburbs. It is a registered training organisation offering more than 200 fully accredited award courses within the Australian Qualifications Framework  Visit website