Learning and teaching is core to what we do and the key mission of the Office of Learning and Teaching is to foster excellence in learning and teaching practices, scholarship and innovation, through the empowerment and motivation of all teaching academics.


To achieve its mission, the Office of Learning and Teaching has identified the following objectives.

  1. Provide Strategic Leadership to CTI about Learning and Teaching innovation, scholarship and practice
  1. Scholarship of L&T and stakeholders consultation
  1. Contribute to Design of Learning Programmes
  1. Contribute to Design of Learning Spaces – including digital environment and tools
  1. Facilitate Professional Development of Academic Staff
  1. Provide Support for Practice of L&T instructor Empowerment


Distributed Learning

CTI is the first institution in Mauritius to be equipped with the Distributed Learning facilities providing students with a true global experience during their studies. The facility allows for an immersive collaboration between campuses across the world.


Head, Office of Learning and Teaching

Dr. Shafiiq Gopee
Tel: +(230) 4016511
Fax: +(230) 4333055

Postal Address
Charles Telfair Institute
Telfair, Moka, Mauritius