Health and Wellness Centre

A service for the use of Charles Telfair students, staff, and alumni.  The purpose is to create, encourage, and support an environment of wellbeing among the CTI community that will be enduring throughout the participants’ life.

To have an environment that is fun and conducive to healthy people: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and multicultural.


Event Name Event Description
Fitness Club CTI students can enjoy the benefits of a state-of- the-art Gym at its nearby fitness partner, “Synergy”.  Within walking distance from the campus, Synergy provides the latest fitness equipment, swimming, tennis and aerobic studio facilities.

Interested CTI students receive special discount rates and can apply directly at Synergy:


Fitness Training Sessions Outdoor boot camp style classes
Wellness Sessions Interesting talks led by Dr Fiona Grant. You will learn about benefits of physical activity, healthy nutrition, managing stress and sleep to name a few…
Guest Speakers’ Series Inspiring leaders (Athletes, health professionals, fitness experts) in Health and Wellness will be invited to share their knowledge and interact with you.
Fun and Healthy Times Meet new friends while taking a healthy cooking class, attending a movie night, or a self-defense workshop…
Well and Connected Sports’ clubs and social events organized around a specific sport: hiking, ping pong tournament…

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