If you want to succeed at University and later excel in the competitive job market, you need to be highly proficient in English and more specifically you need to develop strong written communication skills. This is where the English Language Centre (ELC) can help and support you during your stay at CTI. No additional fees are required.

  • We have a highly motivated team of specialists – qualified English instructors and trained tutors to support students’ language development
  • We offer extensive Post Entry Language Assessment – (PELA), followed by feedback to all our students, throughout their time at CTI
  • We provide tailored, course-embedded, discipline-specific study programsand stand-alone workshops designed for effective language improvement
  • We offer development plans with structured peer-support
  • We compile an individualised English Proficiency Development Profile (EPDP) to help each student evaluate their progress or showcase mastery. This can be accessed from the Registrar’s office


Academic Success

Communicating your ideas clearly is vital to succeed in your studies.

  • If English is not your first language, you may need help to develop your ability to express your ideas in English using appropriate and accurate academic language.
  • If you are confident in your English language proficiency, studying at University means that you will be required to write reports and critiques, structure arguments, and communicate clearly in an academic style.
  • As you progress with your studies, the communication skills required of you will increase in complexity. Many students are not prepared for this and end up struggling in the later part of their course.



Being able to produce grammatically correct, accurate, and concise reports, papers, and presentations will serve you long after you finish your tertiary education. You will need to demonstrate these skills to employers at the very initial stage of recruitment and throughout your career.


Personal Development

Improved communication skills will allow you to connect to others better and will boost your self-confidence.


1. “English Success” Study Units

A series of progressive discipline-specific English Success units, tailored towards your level of study, are delivered by English Instructors as embedded in your course:

ENGL001:  Developing Proficiency

ENGL002:  Professional Communication

ENGL003:  Academic Skills

ENGL004:  Advanced Academic

2. Open English Language Workshops

 Short, half-day language skills development workshops are delivered, by ELC specialists, subject specialists or guest lecturers, at regular intervals throughout each semester. They are advertised by email or via the CTI Facebook page.

Pre-booking required.

At times, targeted ‘in-class’ skills development and assignment guidance sessions are also organised.

3. English Language Development Plans and Peer Support

 Students, who wish to have additional help or have been recommended by subject instructors or English specialists, are paired with fellow student tutors. They will receive personalised, structured, peer coaching to further their English Proficiency Development.

This initiative is planned and carefully monitored by ELC specialists to ensure optimal support.

4. Online self-study resources

We recommend a range of digital resources for additional study or language practice. You can access videos, MOOCS and the High Flyer English Skills newsletters via the Library intranet or through your Course Learning Management Software: Blackboard or Moodle.

“We invite you to be pro-active, engage actively during English Success Classes and use all our resources fully to meet your English Learning Needs”



Telfair Campus, Moka, Mauritius

Email: english@telfair.ac.mu

Web: www.telfair.ac.mu

Tel: 401 6511