CTI’s approach to Learning and Teaching

CTI aspires to achieve excellence in learning and teaching through the delivery of relevant, innovative, challenging and contemporary curricula. In so doing, it aims to develop its students into highly employable individuals and potential leaders imbued with the qualities and skills that will lead to a significant improvement in their workplace and in the world.

We believe that successful learning and teaching requires:

  • An outcomes-focused approach

  • Flexibility and innovation

  • Creative and appropriate use of technology

  • Internationalization of curriculum

  • Research-based pedagogical practices

With the above background in mind, our students learning and teaching experiences are designed to ensure the following capabilities and attributes are instilled in all our graduates:

  1. Application of Knowledge
  2. Reflection, Critical thinking & Problem solving
  3. Information Literacy and Management – Accessing, evaluating, synthesizing & storing information
  4. Effective Communication and Networking skills
  5. Selection of appropriate technology for study and work purpose
  6. Plan for personal growth, Lifelong learning and Career Development
  7. Global Mindset
  8. Professional Approach & values to study and work tasks
  9. Leadership and other Employability skills
  10. Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurial flair